More About Me

I started my real estate career in Israel in 2001, and there I learned to win in an intensely competitive market. I've had my real estate license in the United States since 2010, but a career at Tiffany's was too tempting to pass up. I've spent almost ten years selling high-end, fine jewelry at Flagship Tiffany's in San Francisco and became one of the top sales representatives there. I served people from all over the world and connected to sophisticated clients, many of whom have become lifelong friends. I was trained to provide luxury service in style and glamour. I'm delighted to bring my polished skills in luxury selling to real estate!

My moral credo of honesty and kindness allows me to serve my clients from my heart. I'm hospitable, creative, and appreciative of quality. If you hire me, I promise to host your open houses personally and preview properties before positioning them for you. I commit to the best quality marketing materials and believe in the power of social media representation.

I live in San Francisco with my three children, my two Lowell High School student daughters, and my son, who is pursuing his computer science graduate degree. I was a competitive skier in my teens, and I've never missed a season. I was invited to play for the San Francisco City College women's tennis team in 2021, and it made my year. I'm a San Francisco Symphony patron, and my older daughter has been a member of the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra since 2017. My involvement in the community gives me the insight to help my clients get situated because when you're situated, you can thrive!

I hold an M.A. from the Moscow State University of Management in Sociology and speak three languages. My cosmopolitan background helps me make all of my clients feel at home with me.


Russian, Hebrew, English